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Digital Marketing

The internet world is constantly evolving; people have created many businesses on this platform. But what set a successful business online from a failed business are the right digital marketing solutions. Through digital marketing, you can drive traffic to your website which can boost your business. Just creating a website is not enough. People should know that your website exists and you can make that happen through various elements of digital marketing.

Zippy Infotech is one the leading digital media company in India. It helps you to establish your business in internet world by doing digital marketing of your brand. What is the stature of your website or how popular it does not matter if it does not appear in the top results of the first page of the search engine? This is because very less percentage of people care to go past the first page of the search engine. When your website does not appear in the first few result, you end up losing a huge customer base. Through digital marketing, we ethically mark the presence of your website in the top result through marketing tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO).

We provide the following services for digital marketing:

1. SEO Services

2. SMO Services

3. PPC Services

4. Link Building

SEO Services

Zippy InfoTech is one of the top SEO companies in Jaipur. We use result-oriented approach to increase the online visibility of your website. In SEO services we concentrate on the following domains:

1. Website Optimization :- We examine the search engine visibility of your website. It is only through proper analysis of your website that we can come across issues like bad indexing of your website and improper crawling. Through the updated information about Search Engine Optimization, we are able to the digital marketing effectively and efficiently.

2. Keyword Research :- We analyze the niche of your website and then recommend you set of keywords. When the targeted keywords are used on your website, the visibility of your website is enhanced by search engines. While selecting the keywords for your website, we keep the kind of business that you’re doing in our mind, including the latest trends and competitions in the market.

3. SEO Copywriting :- Quality content will always be the king of your website. Quality content is important because the search engine algorithm has become important and it rates your content. Our SEO Copywriting services include providing the right keywords for your website that can be infused in the heading and content of your website.

4. Backlink Analysis :- Quality backlinks indicates towards the authenticity of your website. For ensuring quality backlinks, we access both the quantity and quality of the backlinks which is present on your website. We will remove the poor backlinks from your website and will build new quality backlinks.

SMO Services

In this digital world, you have to join the social hub to mark your presence in the world. Your business has to be present in the social media if you want to make it successful. Billions of users are active on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. The number of users in these social media platform is increasing day by day. This platform is nothing but a hub for the marketing of your business. You can have potential customers on these social media platforms.

Zippy InfoTech understands the importance of social media platform for marketing your business. We device social media strategies to promote your brand on the social media sites. Through social media marketing, we increase the reach and build the reputation of your company. We will hit the target audience of your business and will generate a buzz of your company.

You need social media optimization for initiating conversations about your brand. In social media, you can create a personal connection with your audience. Also by taking feedbacks from your users, you can improve the brand experience for your customers. You can carry on discussion and ask for recommendations in these platforms.

We use the following measure for carrying out the Social Media Optimization:

1. Targeting of the Right Audience: For carrying out Social Media Optimization, it is important to identify the right audience for your brand. We are expert in identifying the target audience. After the target audience is identified, we engage them in the conversation of your brand. We do a proper analysis of the demographics of the target audience to get insights about them. We study them first and then engage them.

2. We identify the Right Platform for you: We don’t just randomly pick up a social media platform to create the brand value of your business. We identify the right platform for promoting your website.

3. Creating buzz: Once the target audience is identified and the social media platform is identified, we create a buzz about your website to engage maximum users. Our creative approach engages the users and then increases the brand credibility. We have social media influencers who are expert in creating buzz around your business.

4. Campaign Monitoring: We create campaigns related to your websites, and then we monitor the user engagements in these campaigns to know the status. Monitoring the campaign allows us to optimize user engagement

PPC Services

PPC services ensure that you not only get traffic, but you get relevant traffic. By working with Zippy Infotech, you can get better traffic stats. Through PPC services we enhance the ad performance of your website. PPC service is good for search engines, searchers and of course for your business. PPC service refines your keyword to ensure that the traffic finds you. If you want to take your search engine rankings and advertising games to the next level, Zippy Infotech is here for you. With your PPC services, you will be getting measurable data. You can measure the performance of your website by monitoring the conversion rates.

Why Choose Zippy Infotech For PPC Services?

(A) Dedicated experts work on each project. This ensures that your project gets personal attention.

(b) Our service is available at an affordable price. We provide you with maximum ROI.

(C) Our working procedure is transparent to our clients.

(D) We have years of experience in managing and optimizing PPC campaigns.

Link Building

Link building involves technique to get hyperlinks from other sites. Link building is extremely essential if you want to rank well in search engines. It is an aspect that cannot be overlooked because it decides the popularity of your websites in search engines. Zippy Infotech provides you with quality link building services. We offer affordable link building services to you. You need to have both an excellent website and good backlinks to ensure your high position in search engines.

How do we offer link building services?

We use many tools to provide you with link building services. Few of them are:

(A) Directory submissions

(B) Forum posting

(C) Blog comments

(D)Social bookmarking

(E)Guest posting on different websites

Link building is actually a part of SEO services. However, it takes a lot of time of time, and therefore one needs to deal with it by giving proper time and attention. We have our parameters to ensure that secure links are created. This includes creating links that have the relevant keyword in the anchor text, links which are relevant to your websites. With quality backlinks, it will be easier for the people to find your website while browsing other similar websites. This will increase the traffic to your website, and the demand for your services or products will drastically increase. Hire Zippy Infotech to ensure your website popularity.

We have already worked on a number of projects that required us to build links, and trust us when we say that our clients are happy with our services. We offer our link building service at a cost-effective price. We create effective and diversified links for your website in a way that it leaves no marks behind and this makes your website looks natural. Our link building service is so effective that your website ranking won’t be affected even if a search engine updates its algorithm for ranking various websites.

If you want to be a business through internet, then you cannot ignore digital marketing of your website. Zippy Infotech provides you with the entire package of digital marketing. It makes sure that your website is popular and ranks high in search engine which will give you the maximum profit. We have a dedicated team of digital marketers who are experts in their domain. Depending upon your requirement and the type of digital marketing that you want to do, digital marketers will be assigned to you to boost the value of your brand. We provide all our services at a minimal price so that you have maximum ROI. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about the type of services that we provide and how we provide them.

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