Web Services Offered By Zippy Infotech

1. Web Designing :-

The first thing that one does when they want to mark their presence over the web is to create their website. Buying a domain is not enough; you can someone to do the web designing. With years of experience, Zippy Infotech can help you with web designing. If you are looking forward to creating a beautiful, new website then we are here for you. We design your website in a matter which is not only pleasing to eyes but provides your user an equally pleasing experience.

We make sure that the user experience in your website is smooth which is important to keep your loyal audience and also to boost them. People will be visiting your website both through the computer and mobile phone. And therefore, it is very important to ensure that your website is mobile phone ready. Is your website responsive? How many times does it take to get loaded? It is very important to have a positive answer to these questions. We will be designing a website for you that will fit all the major standards to ensure that you have a perfect website.

2. Website Re-Designing :-

Often, in the excitement of creating a website, we end up creating that does not meet our requirement. It is only after you visit your website as an audience, you realize the problems on your website. And once you know that your website is not the up to the mark, your immediate step should be to consider the option of re-designing of your website.

Website designing is important because it is important to give your audience a nice interface. It is only when your website is picture perfect, people will visit it. And thereforewe suggest you for our website re-designing website to create a better interface. We will improve your website according to your requirements. Everything will be tailor-made to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the makeover that we give to your website.

3. Website Customization in CMS (Joomla/WordPress/Drupal/Magento/Zencart) :-

Nowadays, website customization in CMS is high on demand for the simple reason because it allows creating a site in a hassle-free manner with fast turnaround times. Many businesses have reaches its pinnacle of success through CMS customization. It is suitable for all, whether you are an individual who wants to run a personal blog or a big company who wants to run a large scale venture, website customization in CMS can help you all. Our team at Zippy Infotech has helped many companies and individuals in the development of website through CMS customization.

Through our expert hands and skills, you can create a website that you have always dreamt about. We provide our website customization in CMs in Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and Zencart. People since the very beginning have used Open Source software to build businesses. It is a great way of starting a business at a low cost. Our professional web developers can provide you with a cost-effective solution to meet your specifications.

4. E-Commerce Solution :-

If you want to run a website where you can do online selling then, our e-commerce can prove to be helpful for you. A great website will not only increase the value of your brand but will also increase the number of sales. We design unique websites for providing your buyers a beautiful platform to do shopping. For your e-commerce website, we provide the following solution.

• Ecommerce design and development: With our technical knowledge and domain expertise, we can create your dream online store. With in-depth exposure to the technicalities involved in designing an eCommerce website, you will always be on the right path with us.

• Payment gateway solutions: When you are running an ecommerce website, it is very important to have payment gateway solutions. People, in fact, prefer digital transaction more nowadays and therefore having payment gateway solutions is a must for your website. Apart from providing you the standard and popular payment providers, we also provide you with custom payment gateways.

• SEO services: Having a website is just not enough, you need to market it. And it is here that you can use our SEO services for getting organic traffic to your website.

5. News Portal :-

You must have noticed that news websites are different from the regular websites that you see. We get news every second and we cannot go for a regular website for showing that news. A news website should look like something that is filled with all the latest happening. The news update should constantly flash and that is not possible on an ordinary website.

Therefore, we create specific websites for the customers who want their websites to be designed exclusively for the news portal. The loading speed would be high and though your website will be filled with a ton of contents, it will have a clean interface. We can guarantee that! The number of columns and rows in your website will be decided with you. Whether you want to have a static home page or a slideshow running in the top will depend on you. If you think the news portal looks messy, then it is time to create a dreamy news portal with us.

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